Stop Pesticides Wiping Out Our Wildlife

Many of us have fond childhood memories of seeing butterflies, birds and hedgehogs, and flowers buzzing with bees. Sadly, these experiences are becoming less common for children today.

The past 70 years of pesticide abuse has seen the catastrophic decline of our amazing wildlife. Not only do toxic pesticides poison our bees and butterflies, they reduce the amount of food available for other creatures.

Hedgehog numbers have more than halved in the UK countryside since 2000, and “the use of pesticides which reduce the amount of prey available” are partly to blame. Similarly, a recent Guardian article highlighted the 56% decline of farmland bird species from 1970 to 2015, citing a correlation with the “drastic reduction in insect life”.

The threat of pesticides to nature is severe.

But there is the chance, right now, to change this – and you can make it happen.



Thanks to campaigning from passionate people like you, the Government has agreed to support a full ban on bee-harming neonicotinoids. This is a huge achievement! However, more must be done to stop pesticide producers quickly filling their place with equally damaging alternatives.

We must all act urgently to break the pesticide cycle.

Organic farming is one solution to the biodiversity crisis; thousands of organic farmers are already showing you can farm profitably without the need for synthetic pesticides.  If we reduced pesticide use, you could see up to 50% more wildlife on farms.


What Can We Do?

The Government’s ‘future farming’ consultation is currently underway. This a real chance to make positive change to UK law!

At this crucial time, we need to promote wildlife-friendly practices by:  

Act Now - Donate Today

Our wildlife is relying on you. Your gift today will drive vital action, that will safeguard our amazing British wildlife for generations to come.  

Together we can persuade the Government to do the right thing.


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