What a great year the Soil Association had in 2018!

Your support made a huge difference.

Together we had a big impact, taking strides to protect our beautiful natural environment, to make sure wildlife thrives and that everyone has healthy food to eat. Read more about the successes you made possible, by downloading the Soil Association Annual Review

With your help, in 2019 we will continue to promote sustainable farming practice, supporting farming innovation to transform the way we farm and campaigning to make good food the easy choice for everyone, whether that’s for our children in schools or those in hospitals and care homes across the country.

Let’s look back at what your support enabled us to do this year…

Furthered our mission towards good food for all

70 million children's meals improved in restaurants

With the Out to Lunch campaign, we're transforming family food at the UK’s most popular visitor attractions

10 % increase in the number of schools and nurseries enrolled in the Food for Life programme between April 2017 - April 2018

Food for Life ensures healthy school meals, great lunchtimes and food education that has a positive impact on both pupils and the wider community

12 cities now holding Sustainable Food Cities Awards

Sustainable Food Cities works with, and celebrates the successes of, communities that are working together, using food as a tool to tackle local challenges

Supported farming for the future

Improved the lives of thousands of cows through the AssureWel project

The project used welfare outcome assessment to improve farm animal welfare. Post-funding, we continue to work with those in the field through training and consultancy.

Over 30 farmer-led field labs

The Innovative Farmers programme helps put farmers in the driving seat of research

Victory for pollinators as EU member states voted for a full outdoor ban on the use of the three worst bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides.

We led the way in highlighting how they contaminate wildflowers, creating death traps for bees.

Helped facilitate change through our certification business

10 % increase in organic served in food service

This increase will help diners understand where their food comes from, how it was produced, and the wider impact that has.

£ 75.9 million the worth of the certified organic and natural cosmetic beauty market, which grew 24% this year

We promote the many benefits of choosing organic food and beauty products, and boost the visibility of our amazing organic licensees.

15 million hectares of forest that we certify to FSC or PEFC responsible forest management standards

Our Forestry team has also delivered training courses around the world, to promote the uptake of responsible approaches to forests.

Thank you! Here's to 2019 and a bright future for food and farming!

This progress is only possible with your generosity and commitment. 

Learn more about our work by downloading our…

We’re remembering our amazing colleague Peter Melchett who died earlier this year and left the world with a truly amazing legacy. A true campaigner all his days, he will be greatly missed.

We will continue, into 2019 and beyond, to work tirelessly on the causes close to Peter’s heart, with his intelligence and determination as our inspiration.

"At a time when there is increasing recognition amongst citizens and farmers of the need for change, it feels as though this is the time for the Soil Association to step up and present the solutions we have worked on over the decades in a bold and compelling way".

- Helen Browning, Chief Executive, Soil Association

Saving the Earth starts with you

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